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The Westin Kierland Golf Club Introduces Ellwee

With innovation as its hallmark, The Westin Kierland Golf Club has unveiled yet another fun way to enjoy its 27 holes with the launch of its new Kierland Ellwees.
Fitness, fun and speed of play have been top of mind at The Westin Kierland Golf Club since it first unveiled Segway Golf in 2002. Adding to its unique fleet of golf vehicles were the golf bike, GolfBoard, four-seater golf carts, TurfRiders, and now the newest innovation – Ellwees.
With golf bags situated at the front of the four-wheel single-rider ATV electric cart, golfers can cruise the course both on and off the cart path, thanks to their light weight and large, turf-friendly tires that create no damage to the fairways. In addition, the Ellwee delivers a versitile, agile, and fun to drive experience.
Nancy Dickens, Director of Golf at The Westin Kierland Golf Club, said the addition of the Ellwee to the fleet rounds out its “quintet” of fun: Segways, GolfBoards, golf bikes, TurfRiders and now Kierland Ellwees. “The four-wheel Ellwees provide a fun, exhilarating golf experience. They are easy to ride but something most golfers have never experienced,” she said. “They continue our tradition of creating a unique and different golf experience at Kierland.”
For information about the new Ellwee at The Westin Kierland Golf Club or to book a tee time, call 480-922-9283.